Eötvös Radames/ Sciarrino Lohengrin

This evening in Biel, première of our new production Radamès/Lohengrin.

Two modern operas: Radamès is a comedy, an opera company, without money, hiring a countertenor to sing and Aïda and Radames! And a psychological one, Lohengrin, expressing what is happening in the head of Elsa. A fantastic production of Bruno Berger-Gorski, served by talented singers, Rafal Tomkiewicz, Konstantin Nazlamov, Javid Samadov, Salvador Perez, and a real wow for Celine Steudler, our Elsa, alone on stage for Lohengrin. And an orchestra so good as characterizing the atmospheres of Lohengrin. Special thanks to Oscar, Kazuto and Vincent playing chamber music during our Radamès! And to our clarinetists for the “dream section” in Lohengrin!

This is my first time working with the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn and its Intendant Dieter Kaegi: a fantastic company, playing so much and with a fantastically fresh desire for opera, stage, musics, full of curiosity. A real “Opera House”, vivit how it needs to be. Let’s enjoy all together our première this evening!
If you want to hear our interview on the RTS, click here.

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