Bodensee Festival, Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz!

Bodensee Festival 2019!

I had the pleasure last season to do two projects with the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz. The first one was a fantastic Shostakovich Prokofiev program, played in Konstanz for the above, followed by a tour in Switzerland ending in Geneva in the always so beautiful Victoria Hall. The second was Eugen Oneguin, already for the Bodensee Festival.

Winfried Neumann invited us again this season, with a very modern program: Music of Gorecki (Magdalena Müllerperth as soloist was ideal!!) followed by another modern composer Theo Verbey. Theo Very is a dutch composer (the theme of the festival this year is “BeNeLux”), who put so many beautiful ideas, colors, atmosphere in his Frozen Echo, it was an honor to make the orchestra discover this new score! Very difficult piece for the orchestra who did a perfect work: Bravi a tutti, but specially to the konzertmeisterin, the solo cello, the percussionists, the bassclarinett, Kontrfagott, the solo Kontrabass, and the 1st&3rd horns and the trumpets! two performances so concentrated, a real honor! Hope to see you soon, thanks again for this confidence so often renewed!

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