American Tour, plus Australia!

A real pleasure to travel this summer, to work and to discover America. Such a level…. And a work mentality really different, extremely pragmatic and smily! Wonderful cities,  amazing concert halls, we did already Los Angeles (Opera House), Chicago, Detroit, yesterday the fantastic Heinz Concert Hall in Pittsburgh before leaving today for Boston.

To this trip was added a first extra concert, who saw us perform at the Sydney Opera House, a real dream. But writing today from Pittsburgh, i feel ideal to say a couple of lines about my teacher Maestro Manfred Honeck. Years ago, at the Zurich Opera House, i had Manfred as teacher. The most attentive and fantastic possible teacher, it was a real gift from god to be his student. A real honor. It was of course already very touching for me this season in october to conduct in Zurich. But I have to say that to come here, where Manfred Honeck does already 10 seasons long such a fantastic work (and sound!) with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, it’s a very particular moment. Thank you Manfred, thank you Philippe Dinkel, directeur du Conservatoire de Genève, for such a chance. I enjoy now with so much pleasure this job, and my american summer!

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