TSSO,Thessaloniki, Vier Letzte Lieder, Mahler 5th!

What an extrême pleasure. Two masterpieces, with a fantastic orchestra,in a fantastic town, full of meaning for me. A week of happiness, of musics, of energy. Last time I was in Thessaloniki I think I was child. The city where my father studied, where he became the glorious mathematician he is.

It was my turn now to meet as an artist the fantastic Thessaloniki: greek yes but as well “Balkanic”! Quick, smiling, full of café frappé! A port, industrial, with such a high energy, very far from the beautiful and contemplative beaches of Halkidiki. And, the pleasure to collaborate with the Thessaloniki Symphonic State Orchestra. Sometimes, it’s nice to say that some clichés are wrong!!!!!! The quality, the professionalism, the musicality of this ensemble, pure happiness.

And the pleasure to discover Sophia Kyanidou in Richard Strauss Vier Letzte Lieder: not only a fantastic soprano,  but a fantastic colleague, able to manage the major difficulties of the piece, the eternal lines of the text and with a perfect German! Concert took place in the Megaron, ideal concerthall on front sea and was a magnificent success (for all able to read greek, click hier!)

See you very very soon my dear Thessaloniki, in October for Brahms Requiem!

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