Thessaloniki, a German Requiem

the 18th of October, I had the pleasure to come back to Thessaloniki, city I love so much and to perform there with the Thessaloniki State symphony Orchestra the German Requiem. What a pleasure. My first Brahms Requiem…. what a score. The orchestra, really amazing, the choir of Thessaloniki (thanks Mary!), Tassis Christoyannis and Anna Stylianaki, were all so concentrated, so perfect during the performance. Is it weird to talk about “concentration” for a performance? I don’t know…. I just know that I had the feeling to talk with God during the entire concert. A real gift and I deeply want to thank thank you to all, all of you my dear colleagues who made this adventure possible! A special word for Zoï Tsokanou who did this adventure possible, and amazing! (and welcome to Camille Ilias!).

Hope to see you, all of you very soon, best best regards from Budapest!

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