Press reviews

Peter Eötvös/Salvatore Sciarrino: Radames/Lohengrin
Opernhaus Biel-Bienne 2018

“…The committed musicians of the Biel-Solothurn Symphony Orchestra are led to top performances under the musical direction of Yannis Pouspourikas: Under his direction, the orchestra’s pianissimi and the dominant Celine Steudler merge into a brilliant unit. (…) 
The audience celebrated Celine Steudler, the counter Rafal Tomkiewicz, the directing team and the musicians of the Biel – Solothurn Symphony Orchestra under the careful direction of Yannis Pouspourakis.”
Dr. Michaela Hirsch,

P. Tchaikovsky: Nussknacker und Mausekönig 
Zürich Opera House 2020

“…A last-minute emergency due to the indisposition of music director Paul Connelly was resolved through the late substitution of Yannis Pouspourikas, a conductor from Marseille, and the unusual orchestral arrangement worked remarkably well.”
Graham Watts,