Live broadcast, French Television, prime time: Le Grand Échiquier

Le Grand Échiquier: what an adventure! Let’s take two minutes to say thank you to all the colleagues who made this adventure possible. Let’s start with Katia Buniatishvili who give always such a wonderful and modern image of what is classical music, and who are classical musicians! Madame, you are not only a fantastic artist but a marvelous ambassador. Elena Stikhina, who jumped in a couple of hours before the show: fantastic lady: A voice who makes dream the audiences at the Met, Bastille etc etc. Elena, you did manage Puccini and this day like a real tsarina. All the colleagues of the orchestra, so attentive to music and to the needs of all the other department, thanks for your commitment, your patience, and your music. A particular thank to Anne Gravoin, and for our Harpist Anja Linder, who discovered in the afternoon the non planed “Vissi d’Arte” she never played. To finish with music, I want to say thank you to a category of people we could forget. Dead but alive: the composers! Thanks Johannes Brahms, Giacomo Puccini, Serguei Rachmaninov, Leonard Bernstein, I love what you do to our souls. And, more vivit, a huge amount of work to make all of this possible, thanks to 3eme Oeil! What a team! Yvan Aubé, Christian Chevalier, and all the so crazy television teams. Mesdames Messieurs, they work in a way impossible to describe, with an efficiency who makes the show go on:) Anne-Sophie Lapix and all of us, we were all feeling like small diamonds! A pleasure as well to meet again for this program old friends Gil Roman and Richard Perron, always so fantastic with the Bejart Ballet. And to finish a particular bravo to Nicolas Guiraud who did take care of the “variétés side” with such a Maestria, a big thank you to Claire Feasey the “solution maker”,to Aviel Cahn, always a source of beautiful ideas, and a particular “Danke” to Julia Stein: you are a true “ange gardien”, nothing of that would have been possible without you. Still a Tosca this evening, another beautiful adventure, and I wish all of you a fantastic summer!

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