End of the American Tour, back in France, Germany and Switzerland!

After this fantastic summer time, with so many good musicians, in cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, and even a jump in Toronto, here I am , back in Europe!

The season started with a stop at the Opéra National de Paris, to work a bit on the Michael Jarrel “Bérénice” score, with Philippe Jordan and a fantastic cast, including Barbara Hannigan and Bo Skovhus. It was a real pleasure. Even if i didn’t have the chance to conduct myself (it will come in March this season, be patient Yannis). To work on this level is always a gift from God.

And now, before going to Switzerland for two other modern operas, (new production that I have the pleasure to conduct in Biel, Solothurn and even Wien later on), a quick beautiful stop in Germany in Mannheim. Fantasitc house where I will have to deal with an old friend called “Werther”: such a pleasure to (re)conduct this score.  The Carlos Wagner production I did already was really poetic, the one here from David Mouchtar-Samorai is more direct, “going to the point”, putting the drama really high in the perception of the evening.

A really powerful cast here as well, let’s see this evening how we managed all together the poetic drama from Goethe, served by the french taste of Massenet. I will have a very nice Sunday for sure!

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